Condemning the Heavens - Chapter 88: The Meadow (Teaser)

Xue Wei was filled with righteous indignation and anger towards Chu Huiyin.

The more he walked, the more upset he became. He was not only upset with Chu Huiyin, but he was also very upset with himself. 

Giving up on his rational thoughts and allowing for himself to let go of his sanity and use the dragon claws and arms to fight in a battle where he was surrounded by experts that knew very little about the different transformations of other cultivators. 

A skill like the Azure Dragon Scripture, which aimed to imitate the most amazing beast amongst them all, the Azure Dragon, was easily misunderstood. Even in the center of the continent, people would be worried if they saw it. 

"The bloodlust might be good for fighting," Xue Wei said through gritted teeth, his entire body aching and the wounds, although having stopped bleeding, were still deep and immensely painful.

"But although I can fight better than others, I am also more likely to not think straight." Xue Wei sighed. "When I fight I am to leave my bloodlust as the last means to protect myself. I will rely on my rational thoughts most of the time, and have the instincts as the final resort." 

The battle Xue Wei had been in had changed him and his view of himself.