Red Storm - Chapter 150

Book 4-7.2

“This is extremely great news. I have never been so happy in my life.”

“Oh stop it~”

Grace shyly answered as she tightly hugged one of Yulian’s arms. She was happy but also hurtig. It was because she could tell how long Yulian had been wanting a child.

‘How much did he have to hide his desire in front of me?’

Grace started to hold onto Yulian even tighter.

“We will let everyone know tomorrow. Also ask father and brother-in-law over in the Rivolde to come over. You need to be celebrated.”

Yulian continued to chat away as he carefully escorted Grace back. Yulian and Grace were able to talk like a couple for the first time in a long time as they headed back to the paoe.

“Welcome back.”

Violet was outside the paoe to greet the two of them.

Violet had a different, majestic feel than Grace. It was probably because it was engrained in her as the leader of a tribe.

If Grace’s style was to personally intervene, Violet’s style was to silently control the situation from the back.

Those passionate interventions gave Grace the nickname of Iron Woman, while Violet’s style gave her the nickname of Quiet Coordinator. The two of them were completely different.

Thankfully, both of these women were far from being the jealous type. Violet accepted Grace as the Mother of Pareia and was cautious around her, while Grace also treated Violet well. This was why the Provoke household was always peaceful.

“Let’s head in first. We have something to tell you, Violet.”

Violet nodded her head at Yulian’s words before starting to speak.

“I also have something to tell the both of you.”

The three of them all walked into the paoe and sat down facing each other before Yulian started to smile and start to speak.

“Okay, Violet, what is going on? I hope it is not bad news. Today is a great day.”

“What is it that has you so happy? There is no way I wouldn’t know about such good news.”

Seeing Yulian being uncharacteristically happy, Violet tilted her head as she asked.

“You see……”

The moment Yulian was about to speak, Grace motioned with her eyes to make him stop. She thought it would be better for her to tell Violet about this herself. 

Having a child was not a competition, but it was something on both of their minds. Especially for Violet, she was extremely careful because she could tell how Grace felt about not being able to have a child.

“What is it? Seeing unni stop you like this, it is kind of suspicious.”

As Violet lightly smiled as she asked, Grace smiled along and shook her head.

“I will tell you later. Okay, what is it you want to tell us?”

Violet did not stop smiling at Grace’s question and started to turn red as she cautiously started to speak.

“I am pregnant. I’ve had the symptoms for a while, but I wanted to be certain about it before sharing it with you. I received Tuma Takaka-nim’s confirmation today.”

Grace’s two eyes turned extremely round and Yulian’s face was full of joy.

“Hahaha. Is that so?”

Seeing Yulian laughing loudly while asking, Violet nodded her head.

“Hahaha. Multiple jackpots. Today really is going to be the best day of my life.”

“Then please tell me. What other jackpots did you have today?”

Yulian grabbed Grace’s hand and answered Violet’s question.

“Grace is pregnant as well. How could I not be happy when both of you are pregnant at the same time. Hahaha.”

Yulian was smiling nonstop, but Grace turned slightly pale. It wasn’t about the fact that VIolet was pregnant, but at the fact that they were pregnant at the same time.

It might become complicated if it ended up like Yulian and Pere’s relationship in the past.

Using her sixth sense as a woman and the knowledge from having been the chief of a tribe at one point, Violet quickly realized what Grace was worried about.

Yulian and Pere were able to resolve their differences with the death of the former Glow, but if things go wrong, there could be a big fight regarding the successor.

Both of them will have none other than Yulian’s blood, and neither Grace nor Violet were your average woman. There may be no reason to worry, but there was no way they could not worry as both of these women were both not average.

Pareia had always been one of the strongest tribes in the Eastern Desert, but now they had surpassed that to become one of the greatest tribes in the entire desert.

It had been a long time since they surpassed the fame of the Rivolde tribe, the greatest tribe in the Western Desert, and they also had the most wealth and number of warriors. It would be weird if they were not the strongest.

The reason Pareia could grow this quickly in less than ten years since welcoming a new Glow was because the Glow himself was the strongest warrior in Pareia, as well as the fact that he did not decide on everything on his own. He took the time to to discuss things with the experienced and wise Oasis Chiefs and chieftains before making decision.

Many Oasis Chiefs carried out the Glow’s orders without issue because they had a say in the decision making process. That was why it was obvious that they would be developing much faster than the other tribes.

In addition, they were able to have a safe source of food and materials from trading with a merchant guild from the continent, which led to an explosive growth in Pareia’s population.

The other tribes tried to follow Pareia’s development by trading with other merchant guilds from the continent, but it was not possible to do so because Pareia had full control of the quicksand river that cut through the desert.

All of the other tribes were afraid of Pareia now that the desert’s balance of power had been broken, and the ones to feel the most danger was of course the remaining three tribes of the Eastern Continent. These three tribe were the Okland tribe who shared a border with Pareia, and the Baradona and Pawai tribe who both shared a different border with Pareia.

These three tribes could not help but seriously consider when Pareia would point their shamshirs at their tribe.

In order to break the balance of power in the desert, Pareia had started a war with the Wikaly even with a strong enemy in the Shuarei remaining on the side. That was why these tribes were always on the edge waiting for Pareia’s declaration of war.

The biggest issue was that none of these three tribes had enough strength to fight Pareia off. That was the reason the Glows of these three tribes had gathered together today.

“We can only live by gathering together.”

Okland’s Glow Kinicks started to speak.

“There are many different types of coming together. What kind of coalition is Glow Kinicks thinking about?”

Once Baradona’s Glow Kupepa asked, Kinicks looked back and forth at both men before starting to speak again.

“If we think about the gains for each tribe, we are going to end up losing the historied name of our tribes that we have protected for hundreds of years.”

“We are already aware of that. Please stop beating around the bush and tell us what you are thinking, Glow Kinicks.”

As Pawai’s Glow Nakatin responded with frustration, Kinicks let out a fake cough before continuing to speak.

“Mm. I’m sure everyone is aware of the fact that Pareia has gained control of the quicksand river. Surprisingly, Pareia is able to quickly transport a lot of warriors at once through the river. To what I have heard, Pareia already has more than 100,000 warriors.”


Nakatin responded in disbelief. He knew that Pareia was strong, but it was surprising that their number of warriors surpassed 100,000.

“100,000 isn’t the problem. Pareia’s population is exploding very quickly. I heard they are even taking in people from the continent who chose to leave the continent.”

“You really think they would do that? If you bring in more people from the desert, you are likely to lose the mentality of the desert. I cannot believe that any tribe, especially Pareia, would do such a thing.”

As Nakatin disagreed with Kinicks, Kinicks looked at Nakatin like an idiot before answering.

“The reason they were able to take control of the quicksand river was because of those people of the continent. You do not seem to be up to date with the news.”

As Nakatin turned slightly red at Kinick’s insult, Kupepa quickly interjected and started to speak.

“Everybody has their own situations. Let’s look for a way out together instead of fighting with each other.”

“Hmm, I must have said something rude because I’ve been on the edge lately. I hope Glow Nakatin can be understanding.”

As Kinicks quickly realized his mistake and apologized, Nakatin nodded his head.

“It was because of my uselessness. If Glow Kinicks has good information and suggestions, this Nakatin will quietly listen.”

Once the atmosphere got better again, Kinicks started to speak once more.

“I’m sure there are not too many people coming from the continent, but we cannot just ignore it. They seem to be getting about 100 people a month, so in about 20 years, there will be quite a gap between us.”

“That is indeed a problem.”

“I presume that there will be no tribe who can take on Pareia on their own as time goes on. If there is someone who still can compete with them right now, it would be their eternal enemy the Shuarei and the Rivolde, the strongest tribe in the Western Desert, but as you are probably aware of already, Shuarei is barely getting back to their old strength and we can just say that the Rivolde is on Pareia’s side.”

Kupepa let out a sigh at Kinicks’s words and started to speak.

“Sigh~ Pareia might have gone to war in the first place relying on the Rivolde. With the Rivolde putting pressure on Shuarei, the Shuarei would not be able to attack them with a lot of warriors.”

Silence filled the paoe for a moment. The moment the teacup on the table no longer let out any steam, Kinicks started to speak again.

“To start with, if the three of us were to unite right now, we would have more warriors than Pareia. Our three tribes together have a total of 120,000 warriors.”

Kinicks must have been thirsty as he drank the cooled tea before continuing to speak.

“We need to determine a unified leadership system before we can come together. If you do not agree that is the most important, please let me know.”

There was no need to respond. Everyone was afraid of Pareia.

FIfth month in the year 268 of the continental calendar. An incident that caused a stir in the desert suddenly occurred.

The three tribes of the Eastern Desert, Okland, Baradona, and Pawai, had united together to become a single tribe.

This was the first time multiple tribes had decided on their own will to unite together. The only thing in the desert’s history was the winning tribe absorbing the losing tribe during war.

Everybody knew that this unification was to protect themselves from Pareia, and they all waited to see what kind of response Pareia would give regarding this situation.