Spirit Vessel - Chapter 122: Broken Tombstone, Death of a Master

Since Second Boss personally made a move along with several other bandits with unfathomable cultivations, Ji Fengleng naturally had no way of living.

These ferocious men split him into pieces. One person used his head as a ball while others were carrying his bloody arms, and one had his fleshy legsโ€ฆ

Feng Feiyun and Ji Cangyue looked at each other with one eye and noticed the surprise in each otherโ€™s sights. These bandits were much more powerful and sinister than their imaginations. Even if their cultivation recovered, it would still be difficult to get away from them.

At this moment, they could only take one step at a time.

When the sun rose up to the top of the tree, Feng Feiyun and the bandits finally made it to the Huang Feng Ridge.

The Huang Feng Ridge was a part inside the Wang Wu mountain range, so it naturally was not a simple part of the rolling mountain. This place was dangerous. With steep cliffs with peaks as tall as the clouds, it was extremely perilous with no easy trails to get on.

There were also numerous deep valleys and big marshes, with purple miasmas that resembled purple Cloud Dragons, coming out from the depths.

โ€œSplash splash splash!โ€

A waterfall from a high mountain peak came plunging down through the layers of cloud, falling into the thousand zhang deep valley below.

Feng Feiyun lamented while going alongside the cliffโ€™s wall. No wonder why the Godly Martial Army could not destroy the Huang Feng bandits, this terrain was not something an ordinary human could traverse. Plus, there were many places that must be crossed that was filled with formations that possessed great offensive power. Unless the one leading the way was very versed in formations, even a great army would have to die inside this mountain.

The living quarters of the Huang Feng bandits were not as extravagant as those of the immortal gates and great families, it was rather simple. Most of them were just built with wood and grass, and there were some who were too lazy so they just directly went inside the existing caves on the cliffโ€™s walls.

The Huang Feng Ridge had three bosses. Normally, Second Boss would usually go out to steal and kill, and he was always successful.

Third Boss normally would stay to protect the Huang Feng Ridge. He was a reclusive person as well as a master of engraving talismans and formations. The dangerous passโ€™ grand formation along the several hundred miles of the Huang Feng Ridge was the work of this person.

If Second Boss was a giant axe cutting through steel like mud, then Third Boss was an impregnable shield.

Because of this reason, many bandits here referred to him as โ€œBig Shield.โ€

โ€œBig Shield, Big Shield, roll out here for your father.โ€ Second Boss shouted at the top of his lungs. The explosive sound caused the chickens and dogs in the Huang Feng Ridge to jump around.

โ€œWhy the yelling ah! Any big harvest this time?โ€ A thin old man with a monkey face crawled out from a tree hole. He had completely gray hair along with wrinkles that probably was the result from a lack of nutrition. This pale, unshaven yellow old man had cheekbones protruding and sunken eye sockets.

However, this old man who has one foot in the grave had a great saber on his back and a red ribbon tied on his head. With a steel collar on his neck, he also wore a bright red short. If he wasnโ€™t truly too powerful, he wouldnโ€™t be giving off the sensation of a bandit leader.

This was Third Boss!

โ€œBrothers, quickly carry the people over here for me!โ€ Second Boss uttered out a loud cry.

Some bandits brought Ji Xinnu and Ji Xiaonu over in front of Third Bossโ€™ house and explained in a few sentences. Then, along with a group of thieves, Second Boss left.

With a restless feeling in his heart, Feng Feiyun stared at Ji Xiaonu trapped in the iron cage along with the frozen Ji Xinnu.

โ€œThe two demon spawnsโ€ฆ One is locked by the Eight Vein Dragon Lock of the Ji Clan, the other is frozen by the Jade Cold Energy of Sha Hangyun. Even though they cannot escape from the inside, outsiders absolutely cannot touch them for a long time, so you donโ€™t have to worry about your little lover right now.โ€ Ji Cangyue noticed that Feng Feiyun was worried so she spoke.

She then continued with a solemn expression: โ€œThe most important thing right now is how to quickly recover our cultivation in order to escape from the Huang Feng Ridge.โ€

โ€œHow interesting, escaping from this place isnโ€™t hard, but Iโ€™m afraid that when that day comes, you would have already beenโ€ฆ Hehe!โ€ Feng Feiyun laughed.

Ji Cangyue changed her expression. She suddenly thought of something as she then said: โ€œIf you cannot protect me, donโ€™t even think about a good life.โ€

Feng Feiyun no longer laughed. This was indeed a headache inducing matter ah!

Second Boss and the group of bandits came from afar and revealed their large front teeth as Second Boss smilingly said: โ€œDaniu, this beauty can only be found once every thousand miles. If we really all pile on and ride her, Iโ€™m afraid she wonโ€™t be able to keep her life. Then it would truly be a shame. We have already discussed it; our three thousands troops will switch every night, the first person tonight will naturally be you.โ€

Feng Feiyun drily coughed twice and asked: โ€œRight away? Tonight?โ€

โ€œOf course, starting tonight. Letโ€™s see if you can go for 300 rounds or 3000 rounds, haha!โ€ Second Boss burst out in rippling laughter.

When the night fell down, the entire Huang Feng Ridge became dimmed. On the hills above were nine ignited copper cauldrons. The flames that began to brightly burn caused the night sky to have faintly red clouds.

After three rounds of drinking, the bandits quickly left. Some came back to their places to cultivate, some went to guard the important locations, and others rowdily went to have sex.

โ€œDaniu, I really envy you. Today, you can enjoy the night with the beauty while my turn is at four years and three months later. It is really difficult to wait till that day ah!โ€ Wang Meng raised his big bowl and toasted with Feng Feiyun, then he drank it.

The Huang Feng Ridge had a total of three thousand bandits, and each person could enjoy one night. Some people were listed for seven, eight years later. Wang Meng was only four years and three months later; this was quite good already.

Feng Feiyun naturally laughed in return, followed by more drinking!

Only Ji Cangyueโ€™s expression became ugly and uglier. Hearing these numbers was enough for her to become crazy. However, after tonight, her cultivation would recover to around seventy to eighty percent; escaping from the Huang Feng Ridge would not be a difficult matter. The main thing was to deal with the matter tonight.

Tonight was the wedding night between her and Feng Feiyun!

Even though she grasped Feng Feiyunโ€™s weakness, this bastard was the defining standard of scoundrels and was capable of anything. Thus, her heart was not so certain of anything.

โ€œOne second of the passionate night is worth a thousand gold; I wonโ€™t be drinking with Brothers.โ€ Feng Feiyun laughed and stood up to directly carry Ji Cangyue back to the room.

The bandits started to boo, but none of them held Feng Feiyun back.

โ€œFeng Ergou, if you really touch me, you will die.โ€ After being placed by Feng Feiyun on the bed, Ji Cangyue quickly hid in the corner and put her hands into a defensive posture.

โ€œJi Cangyue, I hope you understand this truth: even if I eat you, what can you even do to me?โ€ Feng Feiyun grabbed her chin and pulled her in closer. She wanted to escape but simply couldnโ€™t move Feng Feiyun.

Feng Feiyunโ€™s energy was only depleted from before. On the way back, he had already recovered seventy to eighty percent. Now, it had almost recovered completely, so how could Ji Cangyue be his match at this time?

Feng Feiyun propped up her body and stared at her icily arrogant yet peerless face. He once again kissed her tender and beautiful lips. When he removed his lips, Ji Cangyue still carried the same cold countenance as before; it was as if she had become apathetic. Her eyes seemed to say: Motherfucker, if you want to kiss, then go ahead and kiss. It is not the first time anyway.

Feng Feiyun naturally didnโ€™t care for her murderous gaze. He only wanted to tell her that if he could kiss her at any time, then he could take her at any time as well.

โ€œTell me how to unseal the Eight Vein Dragon Lock of the Ji Clan.โ€ Feng Feiyun was no longer rough with her. He gently caressed her face and lowered his voice into a loverโ€™s whisper.

Ji Cangyue was the one who performed the Eight Vein Dragon Lock on Ji Xiaonu, so she must know the unlocking method.

Feng Feiyun initially kissing her was just the opening act to let her know that if she didnโ€™t speak, there would be something worse on the way.

โ€œYou want to go save your little lover?โ€ Ji Cangyue was not a woman completely blinded by hatred. Even though she was forcefully kissed by Feng Feiyun twice, she knew that she had to bear it. As long as she could escape, the first thing she would do would absolutely be to cut off the tongue of this bastard.

โ€œShe is not my lover.โ€ Feng Feiyun said solemnly.

โ€œShameless, you clearly did that to herโ€ฆโ€ Ji Cangyue said.

โ€œDonโ€™t speak nonsense if you donโ€™t know the situation.โ€ Feng Feiyun interrupted her and suddenly raised his brows. He glanced at the window, then directly push Ji Cangyue down on the bed.

Ji Cangyue was slightly taken aback and thought that this bastard, Feng Feiyun, would use force against her.

โ€œFengโ€ฆโ€ She was going to curse but was immediately blocked by Feng Feiyunโ€™s lips, so she could only issue vague sounds.


The black clothing on her body was torn apart, revealing her bare shoulders.

This bastard was really an animal. Ji Cangyue struggled and screamed while rolling around with Feng Feiyun in the same place.

The actions became rougher, almost causing the wooden bed to break down.

โ€œGood, they left!โ€ After a while, Feng Feiyun suddenly stopped and pushed the two bare jade legs of Ji Cangyue away. There were still two footprints on his face; clearly, Ji Cangyue stomped on him.

Of course, Ji Cangyue was also a smart woman and knew that Feng Feiyun โ€” earlier โ€” must have noticed that someone was watching from outside. This was why he suddenly made a move towards her. At this moment, that person was gone, so Feng Feiyun naturally would let her go as well.

โ€œStrange, who the hell was that, why did he come here and then leave so quickly like this?โ€ Feng Feiyun was filled with curiosity. He glanced at Ji Cangyue and shook his head in confusion. He wiped away the two footprints on his face and left the bed to open the window.

He looked outside and could only see the deep darkness without the figure of anyone else.


A gust of cold wind blew in from outside the window. Feng Feiyunโ€™s heart slightly sank and suddenly turned around, only to see that there was another person in the room.

Feng Feiyunโ€™s sight was so frightening, yet he could only faintly see a black shadow. This person directly captured Ji Cangyue and broke through the roof. Then, he void-stepped, flying away.

โ€œSuch swift speed and great cultivation!โ€

This did not appear to be a man. At the very least, there was no trace of human presence on his body!

โ€œYou donโ€™t know how to reason. Tonight is my wedding night; without a woman, how can I perform my duty?โ€ Feng Feiyun did not show weakness and also turned into a shadow to pursue.

โ€œBoy, I clearly saw the fun commotion between you two. Daring to ride the Ji Clanโ€™s Death Spirit Childโ€ฆ You are quite courageous. This old man is not interested in women, I am only interested in the โ€˜Grave Palace Cleansing Marrow Recordโ€™ and the two special Abnormalities.โ€

On top of a roof, Feng Feiyun lifted his head and saw rolling black clouds becoming denser. There was only a huge claw faintly appearing in the clouds, and Ji Cangyue was grabbed by this claw before she was then swallowed by the black clouds.

โ€œIt is Sha Hangyun!โ€ Mao Wugui climbed out from Feng Feiyunโ€™s robe. He revealed half a head to look at the sky and quickly moved it back out of fear of being noticed by Sha Hangyun.