The Godsfall Chronicles - Chapter 47 The Fallen Outpost

Chapter teaser below!

The setting sun continued to bake the wastelands with its scorching, parching, and blazing light.

The gates to Blackflag Outpost were tightly shut. Men hefted weapons in their hands, arranged in tight ranks as they waited patiently. Thousands of bloodshot eyes scanned the wilderness. It had been two days and two nights since any of them had slept.

Facing them was an army of more than a thousand sweepers arrayed in a dense formation.

Where did these sweepers come from? What did these sweepers want? No one knew! Two days ago, the mutants had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. They surrounded the outpost but didn’t attack it, just staring at it from afar. The warriors of Blackflag Outpost were kept in a constant state of tense nervousness. They didn’t dare to fall asleep, and their nerves were shot. They were close to the point of mental collapse.

The sweepers were led by two commanders. The first was a beak-faced youth who had wings and could fly in the air. The second was a muscular man with two curved ox-like horns and whose skin seemed to be made out of some sort of black metal.

The winged youth looked rather impatient as he irritably scraped his twin scimitars against each other. “Why is our big brother taking so much time to deal with a few miserable mercenaries? Blackflag Outpost is no big deal anyhow. The two of us are more than enough to wipe it out. Let’s just start.”

“Did you forget how our little brother died?” The horned man was seated on a rock, and he spoke in a deep and patient voice that was completely different from his brutish appearance: “Wait a bit longer. Don’t get impatient.”